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Brands We Are Working With, And That Inspire Us

When we started travelling, we always had a passion for all things animals, and anything to help preserve their life. So when we started the blog and our travel insta page, we wanted to help make a difference anyway we could, whether that be working with brands, or just generally making sure where we go we can make the slightest difference ourselves.

Now we are fortunate enough to have been invited to be a part of the @sand_cloud team, who are an organisation made up of passionate people, all with the aim of maintaining marine life #savethefishes ! So naturally being an ambassador for them is an honour. As part of our role, we are reaching out to our readers, to help in any way they can; every purchase from helps save marine life ! Become an ambassador, and help spread the message about this issue, or even just stop littering and recycle ! Any way you can assist this mission the better.

We have also been asked to work with a brand called @oceantidepride, a brand with a similar cause. Their aim is to keep where we swim clean, therefore recycle to save our oceans ! Go on their website and check out what they have to offer, and any purchases you make you can use our code 'travelling20' for 20% off too !

Brands like these, and others such as @shophonuwith a clear message and worthy mission inspire us to do better, and to use our social platforms like our blog and our instagram for a good cause and help spread their message for change. @shophonu is something thats close to our hearts, particularly meg's, as her favourite animals are turtles, and their mission is to #savetheseaturtles, so of course we support them 100% !! have some beautiful jewellery, and every purchase made, donates profit to the 'Sea Turtle Conservancy'.

If you read this and take anything away from it then we can safely say we are carrying the message of these brands forward, with the aim to inspire others to do the same !

#sandcloud #oceantidepride

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Hey there!

We're Hannah and Meghan, a couple from the UK, who are travelling the world one step and a time. 

Welcome to our journey, and thanks for joining us !



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