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How to Start a Travel Blog - Step by Step Guide

We've decided to put together our guide to starting a blog, and why we set one up. So here goes !

1. Why you're choosing to start a blog

From our perspective the most important thing when starting a blog is why you're deciding to do it. Whether that be to share your experiences from travelling, or sharing tips and tricks that you think can help fellow travellers, or whether it be to gain a following and maybe start a career out of it.

Whatever your reason, make sure your enthusiasm and passion shines through, and let it guide you when creating your blog.

2. Choosing a domain name for your blog

The next thing to do once you've decided on the reason behind creating a blog, is choosing a name for it. Your domain name is extremely important, as it is the thing that people will remember, and know you for.

It needs to be catchy, memorable, and represents what you're about.

The best thing to do, especially for continuity and professionalism, is to create a name and use it across all social media platforms.

The next step is to make sure you can have the domain name that you decide on, as you don't want to go to all the trouble of choosing a name, using it on instagram, to then find its not available for your blog.

Purchasing your domain name is easy, there are so many places to buy it from, however, we bought ours from google, however, upon further research we would suggest GoDaddy instead.

3. Selecting a host

Selecting a host basically means choosing a website that will act as a home for your blog.

We use Wix as our blog host. Your host is used to hold all of your blogs data; photos, stories, all the files you want your blog to keep. This way your readers can easily access it when they search for your blogs name.

Wix offer multiple plans, ranging from free, to premium plans, we recommend the basic plan for beginners, to get a feel for blogging and a basic rate to start on.

When you've selected the right host, register your domain, equally you can purchase a domain straight from Wix if it's easier. And there you have it you now have a domain name and a host for your blog !

4. Personalise your blog

Making your blog YOU is the next step, choosing a theme, choosing what you want to include in your blog and how you want to organise it, this is where you can get creative ! There are lots of free basic themes you can choose and customise, or if you want a more professional look you can purchase professional themes for around $25- 75.

5. Finally start creating your content and building your audience

Now you've created your blog site, it's time to start writing. Write about whatever you are passionate about, and whatever excites you, the most important thing is to write from the heart, nothing will be perfect the first time round, and blogging is all about learning and gaining new skills, but if you're down for the ride I'm sure it will be worth it in the end !

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