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5 Best Things to do in Newquay, Cornwall

Newquay is one of the most visited beach towns in the UK, and its no wonder when there's so much to do. So here's our top choices !

Head to the beach

Definitely the most popular thing to do whilst in Newquay, and with so many to choose from, we've also written a list of the 'Best Beaches Guide - Newquay Cornwall', however, a few of our favourites are the famous Fistral beach, Lusty Glaze, and Towan. Newquay is also a top choice for surfing too !

Take a Stroll along the Coastal Trails

Cornwall has the most beautiful coastal walks, trailing from Minehead for 630 miles. The clifftop walks have the most insane views, definitely any photographers dream and its an absolute must if you head anywhere in Cornwall !

Eat Eat and Eat

Cornwall is home to the famous Cornish pasties ! Cornish pasties are a delicacy and a must when visiting Cornwall. Another traditional delicacy down south is Cream Tea's, also known as scones, clotted cream and jam, which is served with, you guessed it, a pot of tea.

Aside from these two traditions, there are many other eateries that should not be missed in Newquay - Gilmores Mexican, Little Italy, and lets not forget fish and chips !

Hit the Arcades

Obviously whenever you're by the seaside in the UK the arcades are the most common thing to do, and we are definitely suckers for them !

So save up your pennies and twos for an afternoon of amusements, and hopefully you'll come out with a cuddly toy from the Claw machines.


Newquay is the most popular destination for surfers, with Fistral beach hosting the Boardmasters surf competitions and many more. So if you're interested in taking a lesson, or even just sitting on the beach and watching the pros, its a must in Newquay.

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