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9 Top Things to do in Brighton - Ultimate Guide

We spent a short few days in Brighton as a little break away, however, with even with the bad weather we had, Brighton still has lots to offer.


Brighton is home to many clubs and bars, and is a hotspot for the lgbtq community. So if you're looking for a great night out, then look no further than Brighton. From Club Revenge, Legends Bar to The Basement club, if you're keen to drink some fruity cocktails and dance the night away then Brighton nightlife is definitely for you !

Upside Down House

The Upside Down House is definitely one of the more weird and wonderful attractions in Brighton. Situated right on the beach front, this peculiar house is a great place to take some quirky photos, or even to enjoy an ice cream and stare out to sea.

For more information on tickets and entry prices, click here

Brighton Palace Pier

Another great way to spend your time in Brighton, is exploring the Palace Pier. Packed with amusement rides, fish and chip stands, and a huge arcade, you could easily spend hours enjoying what this Pier has to offer.

For more of the latest information and opening times, click here

Find Some Street Art

Another fun thing to do in Brighton is explore the streets looking for wall art, and there's definitely a lot of it ! Brighton is a colourful and vibrant city, and its surroundings really reflect this. So keep an eye out for some colourful art work !

Take a Stroll Through the Lanes

The Lanes is a lively neighbourhood filled with restaurants, tea rooms and shops. At the heart lies narrow twisting streets and alleyways, filled with boutique shops and jewellery stores. Its definitely a place you could get lost in !

The Old Pier

The Old Pier, also known as West Pier, was the original Pier in Brighton, until it sadly burned down. However, the ruins still remain, creating an eery yet symbolic feel to Brightons beachfront.

Royal Pavilion

The Royal Pavilion is a huge and exotic palace situated at the centre of Brighton. With a vibrant and colourful history, this palace is a hit with the locals and tourists alike.

For more information click here

Walk Along the Promenade

Brightons promenade is such a beautiful way to spend an afternoon walking along the beach front, enjoying the fresh air, and watching the waves crash along the shore. As you walk along, you'll pass many cafes, pubs, quirky gift shops, ice cream vendors and more.

Eat !

Brighton definitely has no shortage of amazing restaurants, pubs and cafes to indulge in.

Some of our favourites were:

VIP- A small traditional Italian restaurant, with the best Pizza place in town, and also at a super reasonable price, who can complain ?!

Billies - For the best breakfast around, head to billies ! Prior to our trip, a friend of ours told us to try an oversized hash brown dish, so Billies was our chosen choice for this, and it definitely did not disappoint !

The Mesmerist - For a Sunday lunch that is sure to leave you full and satisfied, look no further than this old England style pub. Just a short distance from the Palace Pier, The Mesmerist is definitely worth a visit.

Bens Cookies - We LOVE Bens Cookies ! We have nothing to say, except get a cookie and you can thank us later !

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