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Canggu, Bali Food Guide - The 10 Best Restaurants in Canggu

Having over indulged in far too many restaurants in Canggu, we feel obliged to recommend our top choices ! So we've put together a complete guide to the best restaurants in Canggu.

Best Restaurants Canggu

Monsieur Spoon - @monsieurspoon

Fresh, artisanal bakery ranging from French pastries to homemade bread, this place has it all. The coffee is strong and the cakes delicious, leaving you always wanting more ! Their prices range from £2 to £6, your sure to find something to suit your taste.

Try the homemade bagels with zesty strawberry jam, for an affordable breakfast, and finish the day with an exquisite strawberry tart !

Milk & Madu - @milkandmadu

This is our favourite spot for a pizza fix that transcends us back to our home comforts with every bite !

Each pizza is a masterpiece in the mouth, and can be crafted however you choose. My (Meghan) favourite was adding feta cheese and caramelised onions to spice up the margarita. Plus they serve 2 for 1 every Sunday and Tuesday, so what's not to like ?!

Crate Cafe - @cratecafe

In need of some wholesome, hearty food while on a budget; then look no further than this minimalist cafe, Crate.

Not only does it cater for every culinary need from veggie to vegan, it also offers an eclectic lifestyle collection!

Our favourite choices from crate were 'the Melville' and 'the Breaky Plate'.

The Loft - @theloftbali

From the interior to the food, this is an instagram haven, and a Canggu must !

Its brunch menu is a must, ranging from their smoothie bowls, to their avocado on toast (our favourite), the food definitely packs a punch and is bursting with goodness.

This is a pricier choice, however, we would definitely recommend a visit, even if its just to enjoy the cafe vibe with a drink !

Nostimo - @nostimobali

An authentic greek delight in the middle of Bali ? we know what you're thinking, but this place will have you demanding 'mamma mai, can we go again' !

Stepping into this restaurant is like stepping into a local taverna in Santorini. The smells of oregano will hit you like a wave, and their friendly atmosphere is reflected in their wide range of menu options.

You'll be drowning in tzatziki, feta and halloumi before you know it, and trust us, you'll love every minute of it !

La Baracca - @labaraccabali

La Baracca and good food, go hand in hand. This place transcends you to Italy with every mouthful !

Although a cheap Italian hot spot, this place never loses its authenticity, flavour or quality. So if you're in need of drowning your sorrows in carbs and wine ? then look no further. This place offers freshly baked wood fired pizza, homemade hearty pasta, and an array of vegan, veggie and gluten free options.

Copenhagen - @copenhagencanggu

Copenhagen is a must when visiting Canggu, even if you only go for their AMAZING cinnamon iced buns, they are to die for !

They serve a range of tasty dishes for breakfast/ brunch, lunch, and have the best sourdough bread, perfect for avocado or egg on toast, or both !

From the cute layout, to their adorable tick box menu, this place has thought of it all, and we highly recommend you take a visit.

Rise and Shine - @riseandshine_bali

Selling everything you could possibly want for breakfast or lunch, rise and shine was a particular favourite of mine (Hannah) particularly their grilled cheese!

They even have the perfect hangover cures called Kombucha !

The Piring Daun - @thepiringdaun

After craving some Indian food for so long during our travels, we couldn't wait to try this place, and we were not disappointed !

The spices, herbs and vegetables were bursting with flavour amongst all the colourful choices of food. This restaurant is the perfect way to end any day.

Pizza Fabbrica - @pizzafabbricabali

This super affordable pizza place is definitely on our go to list, and as everyone loves pizza, what's not to like ?

From the wide range of hand crafted choices, to their minimalist, yet authentic design, this place has to be experienced during your trip to Canggu.

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