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Pai, Thailand - The Ultimate Three Day Itinerary

After having the best time in Chaing Mai, we were unsure about what to expect when we arrived in Pai (especially after the 762 stomach churning curves along the way). 

However, as soon as we arrived we were pleasantly surprised ! For such a small town, Pai has such a great vibe and feel. Its the kind of place you could get lost in and just stay forever. 


Although Pai is peaceful and chilled, it also has some great nightlife, that should definitely not be missed. Places like Pool Bar, Boom Bar and Yellow Sun are just a few to name! But our personal favourite was Hakuna Matata.

Along with the nightlife, Pai has a beautiful Walking Street, that comes to life in the evening. Its fills with street vendors and market stalls, selling everything and anything you could think of ! 

In the day, however, Pai has some beautiful sights to behold, such as the Pambok Waterfall. Just a short scooter drive out of Pai, you'll find this waterfall nestled in amongst the cliffs and trees. Its definitely a great way to cool off, as the heat can be pretty unbearable during the day ! If you decide to visit this waterfall, make sure to research the time of year youre going, as dry season can be particularly DRY if you catch our drift ! 

Our favourite thing we did in Pai, was visit the Bamboo Bridge. This famous bridge stretches across fields and fields of rice, and the views are truly breathtaking. It was a highlight of our time in Pai, and we highly recommend the trip to see it. 

Speaking of bridges, Pai's memorial bridge is another spot worth a visit. The bridge is an historical landmark in Pai, and was used during World War Two, we won't spoil the history of it, go and visit to find out more ! 

Another thing we would suggest doing, or learning whilst in Pai, is how to ride a scooter. Theres no denying Pai is probably one of the easier places to learn to ride, simply because the roads are much quieter, making it less daunting when first getting on the bike. We had our first experience on a scooter in Chiang Mai, and believe us when we say, it was awful ! So getting back on the saddle in Pai was like a breath of fresh air ! Riding a scooter is also much more convenient, as Pai has so much to see and do, its definitely worth it. 

The final recommendation we would make, is to spend some time enjoying the food Pai has to offer. We are massive foodies, and Pai has some unique and adorable cafes, that do some great food ! Barista Cafe, and Lemon Thyme Cafe are two we would recommend. 

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