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Top 5 Things to do in Koh Samui, Thailand - The Ultimate Guide

Thailand for us was a treat for all the senses, from what to eat, to things to see. So if you're looking for the best guide to Koh Samui, we've put together our top recommendations for this beautiful island.

Beach Hop around the Island

If Koh Samui is on your Thai Island itinerary, then beautiful white sand beaches should definitely be on your to do list.

We spent a few days travelling around the island visiting the different beaches Koh Samui had to offer and we were definitely not disappointed! Heres a list of the top beaches we'd recommend...

Silver Beach - Is definitely a beautiful spot to visit in Koh Samui. It has the whitest sand, and clearest water, making it a real must on your to do list.

Chaweng Beach - Definitely the most popular beach among tourists, and its not hard to see why, with its clear blue water, and soft sand ! It's stationed in the heart of the touristy part of the island, so there's definitely plenty of places to cool off and have a drink or two...

Bophut Beach - This beach is another great spot to stop off for a dip in the blue waters. It is situated smack bang in the hub of the bustling Fishermans Village, which is home to an awesome night market !

Lamai Beach - Lamai is probably the second most popular beach just behind Chaweng, as they both have a lot of similarities. This beach is great if you want to spend hours sunbathing with a cocktail in hand.

Visit the Temples

Koh Samui is home to some of the most beautiful temples and Buddhas, and the wonderful thing about what this island has to offer, is that almost all of these amazing places to see are free ! Wat Phra Yai is one of Koh Samui's star tourist spots, and the most popular thing on travellers itinerary.

Situated basically next door to Wat Plai Laem, the 18 armed buddha, these two attractions are the most famous pieces of architecture on the island and a great way to spend a day out exploring the North.

Fishermans Village

The Fishermans village is another great way to spend an evening or two in Koh Samui. Whats great about this village is that every Monday and Friday, they hold an awesome night market from 5-11pm that runs for miles. The market boasts a huge range of delicious food options, to high quality souvenirs. Its definitely one of our favourite night markets in all of Asia!

Chasing Waterfalls

Another popular activity to do when visiting Koh Samui, is to head over to Namuang Waterfall and enjoy some rock jumping and the insane view from the top !

The waterfall is broken into two. The first waterfall is a short walk down from the carpark, whereas the second is much more of a trek. We'd recommend getting a 4x4 up, which run very frequently from the bottom.

Overlap Stone Viewpoint

This unique tourist spot is definitely worth a visit when in Koh Samui. Just before the stone, there's a sign that says not to drive any further, this is where we'd recommend parking up. At this point, there's another viewpoint where a banner says 'walk look view', we would really recommend taking a little detour to see it !

After stopping off for this, walk further up the STEEP hill about 100m and follow the path to the overlap stone. This is definitely not a view you want to miss, as it gives some amazing photo opportunities!

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